NPU Terminology

Face to Face Meeting of the NPU Steering Committee

The NPU Steering Committee held its annual face-to-face meeting on 12 May in Copenhagen, hosted by the Danish Health Data Authority. A well-attended meeting was conducted in a lively and constructive atmosphere covering a range of important topics.

Present in person: Left to right: Gunnar Nordin (Sweden); Karen Marie Lyng (Denmark); Colin Humphris (IUPAC); Ulla Magdal Petersen (Denmark); Graham Beastall (IFCC); Alfhild Stokke (Norway); Urban Forsum (IUPAC); Helle Moller Johannessen (Denmark). Attending by Skype: Daniel Karlsson (Sweden); Robert Flatman (Australia)

The Steering Committee took the following decisions:

  • It approved Equalis AB as the Swedish National Release Center for NPU
  • It agreed an update to the Stakeholder Agreement and Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee with renewal for a further three years from January 2017
  • It approved an update to the 2016 Strategic Plan
  • It agreed to modifications to improve the functionality of the NPU website

 The Steering Committee held an in-depth consideration of its working relationship with the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) and the opportunities to further the alignment of NPU terminology with the SNOMED CT system of international health terminology.