NPU Terminology

Summary From NPU Annual Face-to-face Meeting in Athens 2017

The NPU Steering Committee held its annual face-to-face meeting on the 11 th June 2017 in connection to the IFCC EuroMedLab in Athens.

The Steering Committee welcomed the new members, Howard Morris current IFCC President and Philippe Gillery Chair of the IFCC Scientific Division.

Present in person, from top and left to right:
Jan Kjartan Dybvik (NW); Colin Humphris (IUPAC); Philippe Gillery (IFCC);
Howard Morris (IFCC President); Gunnar Nordin (SW); Helle Moller Johannessen (DK);
Ulla Magdal Petersen (DK); Robert Flatman (AU)

A well-attended meeting was conducted in a lively and constructive atmosphere covering a range of important topics.

The Steering Committee discussed how to support the NPU Terminology for the future. The vision is to get the NPU Terminology acceptable, available and attractive for world – wide use.

The committee continues to focus in the following areas:

  • A collaboration with the international SNOMED CT Terminology for a broader use of the NPU Terminology.
  • Finalize the NPU/SNOMED mapping project for investigate how the harmonization on the terminologies can be realized practically and how a method aiming to meet set quality criteria can be developed and applied.
  • Creation of a more flexible (online) NPU User Manual.