NPU Terminology

The NPU Office

The International NPU Office administrates and manages the International (English) NPU terminology on behalf of IFCC and IUPAC.

Currently, the International NPU Office is physically placed in the center of Copenhagen and managed by the Danish Health Data Authority (DHDA) under the Ministry of Health.

The DHDA serves as repository for the NPU Terminology. The DHDA keeps the NPU Terminology updated and manages the security and availability of the international data. The DHDA is also the Danish NPU Release Center, translating the terminology into Danish and supporting nationwide use in Denmark.

There are now three recognized National Release Centers, the Norwegian, the Swedish and the Danish NPU Release Centers, each of them responsible for translating and communicating the terminology to their own national users.

As the International NPU office, we receive and act on requests from the National Release Centers for new NPU definitions, updates and changes to the international (English) NPU Terminology.

The International NPU Office supports the National Release Centers on NPU by:

  • advising on use of the existing NPU definitions
  • analyzing of requests for new NPU definitions
  • clarifying concepts
  • establishing terminological references for each element of the NPU definitions
  • modelling of new NPU definitions in the NPU database.

As the international office on the NPU terminology, we are responsible for producing the international (English) publications of NPU Terminology, including files of recent updates and changes to NPU Terminology.

The International NPU Office consist of three specialists, all with backgrounds in the clinical laboratory fields. The presentation of the employees at the NPU Office is below.

Ulla Magdal Petersen

I taught laboratory technology in clinical biochemistry for about two decades, then added lab system administration and a degree in information technology. Since 1998 I have worked on NPU terminology development and management in both Danish and International context. Besides support of NPU users and National Release Centers, and everyday data management, I function as the NPU Terminology memory - having been in the NPU business longer than most.

Young Bae Lee Hansen

I am the newest member of the NPU International Officeand Danish National Release Center since 1 December 2015. I am a medical doctor specialized in Clinical Biochemistry.

Helle Møller Johannessen

My background is Teacher Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in the Profession of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Since 2007, I have worked on the NPU Terminology by managing the terminology and supporting the users.